A Pack of Lies

I can’t get the cartoon ‘Pinky and the Brain’ out of my mind these days.  That was the one featuring a mad mouse and his stupid mouse minion plotting the domination of the world, as you may recall.  But my thoughts lead irresistibly toward the notion that there is indeed a Brain, an association of plutocrats aided by stupid minions such as former acting CIA Director Michael Morell and bent on directing the global economy by political means.  Take the Oxfam report at this year’s Davos gathering asserting that 62 individuals control more than half the world’s wealth, and the libertyblitzkreig.com list of the 82 hyperbillionaires of the world in January 2015 ( what? 20 not playing ball nowadays?) and the astonishing Salon.com report by Ben Norton showing the aversion of capitalism to democracy, a tendency toward authoritarian figures in government, and Karl Marx’s “the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie”

I read the assertion in Dollarocracy by John Nichols and Robert W. McChesney that presidential candidates like Pat Roberts do not run to win, only to capture a voting block for a greater  strategic purpose.  That brings me to The Donald and his self-immolation of the past few days.  I see the Trump/Hillary phenom as a single beating heart,  left and right atria and ventricles.  On Hil’s side foreign policy directed by neocons in exchange for a domestic policy allowed to tend toward the progressive, while in Trumpland neoliberal foreign policy is, again to tap Marx, a ‘rosy dawn of the [new] era of capitalist production” compounded by a lunatic authoritarian, xenophobic yada yada domestic policy which is doomed to cut him out of the picture eventually, leaving a vast and rabid voting bloc squirreled away to tap at the leisure of those who do such things.

Then there’s Alex Jones, a gentleman who, like the broken clocks, is (maybe) exactly right about things twice a day (sometimes).  For a while there he was on a tear, interviewing Ray McGovern and Greg Palast along with Deep State  proponents, and what came out of this phase was that there is a globalist cabal that intends to eliminate hundred of millions of people and impose a new world order based on absolute control of the economic and political systems of the world.  Now Mr. Jones is back to warning us about Lizard People I guess, but tendencies around the planet toward the right and authoritarianism, neocon ascendence in spite of their bloodsoaked failures everywhere, neoliberal thievery all over the place, demonization of Putin, encirclement of China, Clinton’s appalling history of deathdealing,  irresponsibility, and corruption and her horrifying talk of no-fly zones, resistance to Russia etc, her stupid minions crushing the Bernie Sanders insurrection, oh my head hurts with it all.

So I return to “Pinky and the Brain” and I have to wonder, was an international conspiracy really behind the cartoon, and is the NSA really behind Pokemon Go…?