Almark Name Consultants

Welcome to the best thing that ever happened to the names of businesses, pharmaceuticals,  and products.

What if your sporting goods store was called The Sporting Green instead of Dick’s?  Your mother’s Alzheimer’s drug called Sonrisa instead of Namzaric?  Your new thin wallet line Il Risaio instead of Wonder Wallet?  So much depends on the right name that monumental failures such as the Edsel car will be laughed at forever and people from my generation still call facial tissue Kleenex.  It’s true that the name says it all and more than it all.  The name of your enterprise will  determine whether it will live forever or die still-born.

There are innumerable unpleasant names of things: pus, slime, tube, rape, booger, noxious, vicious, anal, tumor, zombie.  Anyone can add to the list.  And there are names that bring up certain associations:  scorpion, cancer, geezer, lush, bully, nerd, lemon.  It ought to be obvious that names of things that are supposed to have commercial value ought not to remind people of bad stuff. Januvia (effluvia), Lovenox (noxious love), Makena (Ay Makarena!), Apidro (a peed row…) are drug names that do not remotely resemble what they are for and remind us of bad stuff!  Do you want them in you or someone you care about?

I offer you here an opportunity to find a name for your hard work and imagination that will live in people’s minds.  On this website you will find the name creation laboratory where I do my mad science and a discussion of how my service can be applied to business, product development, and the names for pharmaceuticals.  What I’m going to do for you is something you can’t find anywhere else.